Thursday, October 29, 2015


It’s been a while,
What could possibly last that long?
You may ask.
Memories do.
Some even longer.
Some among them across lifetimes.

Memories of laughter
And of unspoken words
A sojourn in white
Like a fleeting dream
Bathed in sunlight
In the golden hue
Humming the soulful tune
From a wordless song.

And a nameless heart drumming
Only a few steps away
A story that has its beginning
A long lifetime ago
Yet no end in sight
A yarn of possibilities
Yet of an evading kind
The youthful promises
That slowly fade away

Their memories linger
Like a sheet of mist
A whiff of the breeze
Cool and fresh on thy soul
Long after the clouds are gone
And the wet earth has lost its smell
And the storm has passed.
Like the silver threads
Weaving a tapestry
Of a long lost tale
From a long lifetime ago.

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