Monday, July 07, 2014

Remember... (A Mother’s Aspiration)


Dear darling child of mine,
Everyone you know
Will expect you to choose an aim
When you are growing up and learning
They would of course give you a choice
To be a doctor or an engineer
A photographer or a dancer
Remember to choose your passion
Before you choose an aim.

Everyone you meet
Will want to know
How you are doing at school
Whether you excel in Science or Literature
In Sports or in Art
Remember to excel in your virtues
Before you excel in your chosen field.

Remember to be good
To water the plants,
And to cuddle the pets,
To throw out the trash,
To love your friends.
Remember to be brave -
To fight for the weak
Before you fight for yourself
To do what is righteous
Rather than being right always.
Remember to dream
Impossible dreams
And then go about making them true
To imagine your own world
Just like that out of the blue. 

Remember your path
Is yours alone to tread
From cradle to the end
Life is what you make 

So remember to:
Chase any dream that you fancy,
Achieve every goal that you can,
But aspire only to be kind and brave -
A humble and righteous man!


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