Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moods on a Sunday swing!

Today deserves a post. It has been one of the loveliest Sundays ever. Last night I dreamt of Rusty - my favourite writer, my late grandmother - my favourite storyteller, and many of the much loved places of my childhood. Then today, after a long time, I had a date with myself. I needed this after the crazy couple of last weeks moving flats. This was my 39th move between homes, cities, continents, 40th if you count the one from hospital where I was born to home.

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So I needed the morning. The extra lazy morning, where I could be in bed as long as I could - have fresh toast and homemade butter for breakfast - call a long lost friend, and catch up like it was yesterday we last met - flowing into a lazy afternoon watching cookery shows. Ah all the trimmings of perfect bliss.

In all the perfection I was missing something. May be, I was missing the setting of fall, that makes me yearn for north america. Or the warm smiles of the Shetland islanders with whom I have fondest memories. Or that spring and summer are fading away and days are growing incredibly shorter. I couldn't put a finger on what, but something (or someone) was missing.

So after a long time, I did what I do on lazy melancholy mornings. I returned to my journal, the paint brushes and the poetry book. It felt good just reading through some of my old poems. I secretly thanked my maa for forcing me to write them in a notebook.

Sharing here somethings which I found... Strikes a chord with my heart this evening, as if in the deepest and strangest dance of harmony.

Far beyond the misty haze,
Beyond the crimson hue,
A cherry tree blossoms,
Bright, fresh and new.
My cherry tree blossoms,
Solitary, pure and true...

Before it turns all too melancholy for my liking, I take my last refuge in the fresh bright flowers dotted around my home for the day and dream on...

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