Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#15 Walking the Thames Path: London Eye to Putney

This winter, dillydallying on where to go during spring/summer, we stumbled upon the idea to walk the Thames path. This is a 183 miles walking trail along the course of the river from its source in Cotswold to the Thames Barrier in the east coast of England. But all was not walkable at once, given our limited time on weekends in London, so we have decided to walk it in segments.

Our first one during the Easter weekend was the 8.1 miles from London Eye at the heart of the city to Putney footbridge after the Wandsworth park along its south bank.

Embankment Pier
We took the tube to Embankment, crossed the footbridge Near Westminster and started walking along the south bank of Thames.
Westminster, North bank
This was slightly crowded with tourists buzzing, so we took the strolling pace. Once we got past the crowd, with Westminster across the river, we stopped (before we had even started) for coffee.
Stopping for coffee even before we start!
We walked along the southbank for a while before moving inland before the Batthersea Power Station, then joined the river again through the Battersea Park at the serene Peace Pagoda.
Peace Pagoda at Battersea
After a breather at Battersea, enjoying the sight of Chelsea on the northbank and the pleasing sound of the gurgling river, we trotted along, by posh new apartments, riverside pubs, numerous bridges, grand and regal houses and mesmerising old churches until we reached the Wandsworth park.
Northbank at Chelsea

The Path ahead, at Battersea Park
Here we sat in the shade of the hundred year old lime trees, then crossed the river at the Putney footbridge and took the tube back home.
From Putney Footbridge
The next leg will be Putney to Richmond. Simply cannot wait.

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