Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Bad Dream

Last night I had a bad dream,
I woke up low and in a sombre mood,
Relieved that it was merely a dream -
Though cautiously treading,
As if weighing every step
Prepared for, if it ever turns true
I went on, with the daily chores,
Shoving all negative thoughts
Somewhere at the back of the mind
Forcefully. Like putting everything away
In the iron box and locking it tight
Then throwing the only set of keys
In the vast ocean.

Today is the day.
Of taking off
I have to take the plunge,
With the knowledge that
In my dream last night,
I had an epic fall.
Sometimes it is better not knowing
Being given an opportunity
For the very first time.
It is easier to fail.
Or fall.
But I had to go forward.
There was no escape back,
Moving forward was the only way,
Knowing that I would fall -
Or may be standing still.
Until it took every single dream out of me.
So I leaped (in faith?)
I had hoped to fly,
Like the soaring eagle,
Or take off at the very least,
But I couldn't and stumbled instead.
So I fell, just like it was in the dream.
The dream kept hammering
All day.

Something else keeps nagging me, though
(A tiny little voice inside my head)
To do better tonight, in choosing my dreams.

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