Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project 52 Week #3: the chopping block

I have been slightly off the mark, just getting into the habit of posting a picture a week until now for Project52 (with StudioLakshmi). I have been blatantly overlooking the theme - even weaving poetry at times to make grand excuses. Finally this week the fever has caught on. Here is my slice of the rainbow, from the Curious Homecook's very own kitchen! And while we are at it, the five knives are assigned for bread, cheese, fruits, vegetables and meat. Can you guess which colour is for which?

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lakshmi said...

I like it ! And about the theme..I do it to simplify my life ! There are others who take pics of what they want to. go with what you like , i say - and your poetry is a breath of fresh air, so go for it !