Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Delusional Orator

I will not take much of your time.
I aim to be succint. Precise.
Accuracy matters a great deal to me.
I may be infamous for pointing out mistakes
But I am known for my knowledge and skill
And for delivering the articulate speeches
My pivotal role demands great communication skills,
Oh I have that one by the bucketloads.
All rehearsed and ready to attack.
I like debates.
Logical arguments to arrive at the solution.
I am aggresive, motivated.
I can lead the team to victory.
I can climb the ladder, no probs.
I am not afraid to bungee jump either.
I can make them fight,
And they will not even realize who they were fighting for.
That they had an opponent to fight with.
Or a cause to fight for.
I will create your enemy, without you looking,
Then place the rifle on your shoulders.
I am not afraid to fire from there either,
Or to order you to shoot at sight.
I am brave. I am a soldier.
I was once in the longlist of those with a lot of potential.
I am focussed, determined, unfazed.
I still speak my mind.
Though long ago I may have done away with
The language of my heart.

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