Friday, January 20, 2012

Masterchef 2012: the heats are done

This year's Masterchef has begun. Yesterday I was catching up on the past episodes of the heats, and one thing immediately struck me. It has quite a high standard of cooking right from the beginning. It seems to me getting tougher every year (although it can't get tougher than this, as Torode and Wallace keep reminding us from time to time). The lineup seems formidable, very early to say who will shine, but there are a few favourites. As the coming weeks unfold, I am all excited for the journey. I have always wanted to enter into the contest myself, and who knows may be in a few years' time I will. Until then, it is going to be all about the amazing twists and turns of taste with the participants, the mouthwatering recipes, trying out different combinations of my own, and general basking in the glory of all the food related talk! Epicurious times ahead...

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