Sunday, January 15, 2012

In search of the rainbow

A path as straight as flies the crow,
I set in search of the bright rainbow,
The path ahead bent and circled round,
'Twas no longer straight, I found.
I kept looking for the myriad shades,
To capture forever before it fades,
In the violet light of the early hour,
I reached the brook by the lone indigo flower.
As morning came in a robe so blue,
Where the rainbow was, I had no clue.
I followed a fawn to the lush green slope,
A rainbow by the hills was my only hope.
I gazed in vain at the yellow mustard bloom,
The rainbow hid beyond the clouds of gloom.
I rested for a while under the pithy orange tree,
My magical rainbow so far eluded me.
I retraced my steps back home instead
Dusk painted the sky in crimson red.
On the journey back I had a thought,
What if I was looking where it was not?
I searched for the hues within my heart,
I found that my rainbow had been there from the start!

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