Friday, December 16, 2011

Imposing concrete, indomitable spirit

Think about something that’s black & white, ... the advertisement for the HP Indiblogger contest read. Now, I live in Scotland and imagining black and white is not at all a difficult thing to do. The grand old, often imposing buildings made of granite or other stones, with roofs of slate appear almost black and white most of the time. Alright, sometimes there are splashes of honey coloured stones  - but sepia & grey is about as much colour as one can expect to see around, the setting perfected by on a cloudy wet overcast day. Then during the winter, there is the mist, the frost and the centimeters of snow. So you get the picture. Weather can be pretty bleak in this part of the world and there is concrete to match.

Now then, what was the next step? To imagine it in colour. Again I don't have to try very hard. As it starts drizzling (it always either "starts to drizzle", or "stops drizzling" in this part of the world) - out come the umbrellas - red, blue, polka, all sorts of not only colours but also patterns. Those tiny white flowers with their bright yellow centres peep out from the green grass, bathed in the silver showers and golden sunshine. Even if for a brief window, the grey clouds make way for the clear blue skies.

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