Sunday, October 16, 2011


I don't know about you but it has been quite a while since I visited my own blog. Time has been running by at breakneck speed with 101 chores to be attended to and I had plenty of catching up to do. But now that things are a bit more manageable, I can afford a little while longer on this blog. And while I am here, may I draw your attention to the breakneck speed time flies these days. Take for example this year for me. I had plenty of running around to do, so much so that I don't recall spending ten days at a stretch at any one place this year. No I am not kidding, it has literally been the life of a vagabond, life out of the suitcase, considerable time on the road, rail and air, and looks like the trend is going to continue for the rest of the year.

Is it stressful, hell yes it is! Will it be worth it in the end, I don't know. (Hard work usually is but has it ever been worth all the stress, really?) I have never liked a very fast paced life, I like to savour my morning cuppa and ponder over my thoughts in the evening. All of this has not been possible at all. My exercise regime and meditation practice has had to be reorganised more than once to suit the current lifestyle. And the experience has not been nice - I have been cranky, withdrawn and miserable many times this year. The end of a resolute I am on is far from being near. I don't know if I would ever reach the end at all. Uncertainties are lurking everywhere. But I am just hoping.

Hope. That’s the one thing that keeps me going. Other than that cunning face of my archnemesis, belittling my capability among my peers. The more she whines in my head, the more resolute I become.  She did change my life for the better, I have to admit. Though: is it always one instant, one person or one event that truly changes the course of life? Or, is it preordained and that instance in space and time, just a declaration. She and I fell out almost 5 years ago now. But the wound of the insult is still fresh as yesterday. That is what keeps me going:  that I have to prove her wrong. That and hope of course.

Proof, everything requires proof these days. Faith, success, passion. Everything except greatness. You don't have to prove greatness. They will realize it in time. But greatness has to be envisioned first.

When the instant spark of imagination connects with will power to believe in it, greatness is born. In this way something great is born each moment at numerous corners of our vast universe. Some of it is acquired – it is but a part of the great process. Rest of it is nurture – years of toil and sometimes lifetimes, results in something ingenious, something spectacular, something magnificent. Then there is the belief that something great can be accomplished. It is the same belief that connected with imagination in the first place - but now, a thousand times stronger, a thousand times more magical.

Magic, that's another thread of the story. Magic is not instantaneous. It takes time to even come up with an idea that could be magical. Then there is relentless effort to make it happen, making mountains of ashes out of molehills of sparks. It takes years, sometime lifetimes to get there, where it is truly magical. A lot has to happen behind the scenes to deliver a miniscule of magic. All in the blink of an eye!

Now blink!. Yes, just like that. Did you see the stars? Everyone sees stars. Everyone usually has a story after that. Mine starts in a small town under the starry skies...

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Shalmalee.... said...

What a beautiful post...Each Paragraph is linked to the previous one wonderfully...I loved the blink most!

PS: I can totally see you being cranky and withdrawn :)