Sunday, October 23, 2011


When I stepped onto the platform this evening, I thought it was unusually warm for late October in Glasgow. The train had been very busy today, so getting off it on having reached the destination was a bit more than welcome. After I managed to balance the pieces of luggage out of the station, I got onto the first available taxi, and conveyed my address. "Have been to any place nice?", the taxi driver asked.

I said I was returning from my trip to London. "Do you like it there?"

Let's just say being back to Scotland is also a bit more than welcome. At least, here I will not be scrutinized from head to toe for handing in a Clydesdale Bank currency note! I can expect a smile from the person sitting next to me on the train, and a friendly chat from the taxi driver makes it a little bit easier to return to work.

As I rode on the taxi through familiar sights, the city centre, Kelvingrove museum, the west end, I couldn't believe it had only been a year since I moved here. I kept going on about how lively and nice his city was, we found our common interest in trying out new restaurants on the west end and I kept him entertained with my favourite Shetland anecdotes. My very kind taxi driver brought me home, carried the suitcase to the top of the front stairs of my flat and parted with a genuine smile.

The oven is being heated for the bread, the curry hot on the stove, the aroma of the leftover pecan cake from A's birthday yesterday wafts through the air. Though I miss not having him here, coming back home in a city that really grows onto you is a blessing like no other...

No wonder, it felt a bit warmer for October. Must be the kind and friendly warmth of its people!

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Shalmalee.... said...

I read the title and was wondering what this would be about (after living in US especially) and as much expected it was a pleasant surprise :)