Monday, May 30, 2011

'Ripples' from an emotional whirlpool

When I picked up my copy of Ripples (Short Stories by Indian Women Writers) on my journey home, little did I know, how unputdownable it will prove to be (I hope "unputdownable" is a legitimate word). By the time I reached the last story, I had too many feelings I needed to vent. Every story in the book seemed to raise a strong reaction in my mind, and my heart squirmed. I paused to question life with a shudder every time.

Why indeed in a culture that worshipped the Goddess were so many female infants killed at birth? Will countless women always suffer in silence? Are ancient secrets best remained hidden? Will we ever as a nation embrace Pakistan as one of our own? Will our children ever forgive us? Will we ever stop loving them, nevertheless. I did not want to "judge in haste" so I lingered a little longer with every story, trying to find my place, a sort of closure. This is what this book does to you. It makes you pause and think, take note, shudder and smile. It touches you with deep sensitivity. Every story in this collection brings out the bare bones of aspects of suffering and hatred in the society or moments of mishaps from where the pain whirls out of proportion engulfing everything in its path or portrayals of our inner fears, misgivings or guilt. And then it leaves you with a feeling, sometimes more than one, and most certainly a ripple of thoughts to follow...

These simply woven tales from day to day all seemed to make their point. I found them subtle yet sure and succint. They made me shiver sometimes with anger, in retaliation, sometimes with a sad mellowness, once in a while with contentment. The emotions spilled out ripple after ripple, tale by tale. I was taken in into the very depth of this whirlpool of emotions. By the time I was reeling under the consequences of Shivani's fate and revelling in Rhea's happiness, my train had reached its destination. I for one had just experienced something no less than a journey of the mind, heart and soul. I stepped down on the platform, reeling in its subtle power, heavy with emotions, strong with conviction, yet surprisingly light and springy in my step.

Each story is written true to the heart, beautifully compiled and carefully wrapped into something truly special. Highly recommended read for those looking for a book that touches something deep within. These contemporary Indian women writers have done us proud!

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Shalmalee.... said...

Beautiful post! Now my curiosity graph rises and i have to read the book soon! And i loved the word unputdownable :)