Thursday, December 02, 2010

Footprints on the Snow

Prologue: It has started snowing heavily here only last weekend. On Monday, we woke up to a white city. Commute to work was slow and quite chaotic. By midweek, commuters got used to the commotion in transport links, and settled into a rather slow but steady workpace. That is, those of us who managed to get to work. For the rest of us, we are coping with flat tyres, car under a huge blob of snow (so much so that "I haven't seen it in 5 days"), train cancellations and the like...

While walking home yesterday I was concentrating on my footsteps so that I don't miss a step and slip. I could see hundreds of footprints on the snow by hundreds of walkers before me - where I kept adding my own. Sometimes I wondered if I should detour a bit and leave some footprints where noone has treaded before. Thus walking on snow, which had now acquired a sandy hue due to the grit, with gritted teeth as I was braving the big freeze and wind chill, I felt quite grateful when I reached home, to the warmth of fresh socks, the heater and the hot mug.

I don't know what trick nature played overnight, but when I stepped out this morning, the whole surrounding had been redecorated as a winter wonderland, somewhat like Narnia. There was no sandy hue from the grit visible anymore and fresh fluffy white snow lay on my path.

The caption of the frontpage photo of the local newspaper today read, "Nature reminds the snowmowers, who the real boss is!". I think, nature just gave me an opportunity by covering yesterday's grit, so that I can make a fresh start at daybreak and create some new sets of footprints...

Epilogue: Some of them have warned me that my sense of wonder for the snow will dissipate when I have stayed in a place like this for long enough, I hope that never happens!

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