Thursday, November 25, 2010

On a Snowy Evening...

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Until a couple of years ago, I had never lived in a place where it snowed. Well - it had snowed in Alabama once while I lived there, but only for a few minutes. So I would always miss the real snowfall. The kind of snowfall that one can gaze at from the window for hours. The kind of snowfall that makes any red and green Christmas white. The kind of snowfall that gives meaning to the phrase "snowed in". Then fate deported me to 60° N. And oh boy, did it snow that year!

A dear friend had said to me once: just listen to the silence of nature when it snows. If I may add: just go outside and lie down on the ground watching the snow fall while listening to its silence. It has been the most surreal experience for me so far.

[Here are some photos from last winter.]
"Warmth", Braewick, Shetland Islands, 2010.

"Solace", The Knab, Shetland Islands, 2010. I like the footprints of children
on the snow in this pic

Snow on the rocks, Braewick, Shetland Islands, 2010.


It is going to snow this weekend...I can't wait!



Debby said...

Beautiful pictures. I, too, just moved to where it occasionally snows for the first time in my life. It's so amazing and serene and mysterious. Enjoy!

Kayjee said...

Thanks Debby, for your kind comment...loved your posts too!

Shalmalee.... said...

Unbelievably beautiful pics!
Ridima is going crazy over the snow this year....she is lovinggggg it too :)

Kayjee said...

yeah, it's too beautiful not to...i hope her sense of wonder and amazement never dies...the whole place has gone white, i wish i had the camera with me..
we will start complaining when it gets slushy and brown and dirty, but for now it's beautiful!