Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ek kavita hai bas!

Disclaimer: Hindi is not my first language, so this is an ameteur attempt: please feel free to point out any spelling mistake and/or grammatical errors using the Comments section. I just felt that I will not do justice to the essence of this poem in any language that I can express in - other than hindi. 

मेरी पहली कविता

एक दिशा है बस|
रास्ता पता नहीं, सुना है मुश्किल है,
पत्थरों से घिरी और ऊंची चढ़ाई है,
पर किनारे उसके एक बस्ती है --
जहां एक छोटी सी गृहस्थी है;
उसके आँगन में एक दिया जलता है हमेशा
इतनी सी रौशनी है बस|
कहाँ पहुंचना है ना उसकी कोई खबर,
पर चलते जाना है एक राह पकड़ के,
टेढ़ी मेढ़ी गलियों से गुज़र के,
एक रास्ते पर जा कर मिल जाना है --
वहीँ से शुरू होता है आगे का सफ़र,
वक़्त पर पहुँचना है बस|
क्या भरोसा पहुँच  पाऊंगी या नहीं?
पर लगता है चलूंगी अंत तक,
बीच में अगर रुकी हूँ तो
मुझ पर तू भरोसा रख;
क्योंकि तेरे भरोसे की --
एक उम्मीद है बस|


shilpi said...

Bahut achchha!!Kudos!great going....that is what life is all about hope and courage :-)
now for some corrections (as asked by you)....
i don't know how to enable writing hindi on my laptop (and no time for a tutorial as of now)so will try doing so in english.Grihasti will be grihasthi.instead of jaa ke mil jaana... think jaa 'kar' will be grammatically more apt.Safar is pulling :-)(in hindi)and not streeling so wahin se shuru 'hota' hai aage 'ka' safar. pahuch nahin pahuNch(chandra bindu on the 'h'). paaoongi will be 'paa' 'oo'(as in onkaar)
and i am not sure about the line beech mein agar ruki hoon to i.e. if u meant "if i have stopped" or "if i stop"...'have stopped' mein ruki hoon is correct and if u meant 'if i stop' then 'hoon' should go.
looking forward to some more master pieces..carry on.lotsa love.

Kayjee said...

Thanks Shilpi, included most of the corrections, will do the remaining in the evening...i think i intended it to mean "ruki hoon tou" ...
I was always confused about whether safar is pul-ling or stree-ling (you know how good I am in dealing with gender in hindi!) so i wrote the correct one first and changed it to the wrong one, but thanks to you that has been taken care of...
now I need to upload the bangla font and upload my poems in bengali!
Lotsa love to you too...

Shalmalee.... said...

Haha...interesting comments here :)
Mast laga Hindi padhke! Very refreshing :)

Kayjee said...

@shilpi, please proofread again!
@shalmalee, yes - that's the most interesting job my dear friend could have - mere poem ki galatiyan pakadna! :P

Maggie said...

It's beautiful in the sheer simplicity of words and emotions! Brilliance simplified :)