Monday, November 08, 2010

Dear Love

Dear Love,

It has been so long
Since you sang to me the song,
That my mother sang, to lull me to sleep
Hugged to her heart,
Tight right from the start --
Till I would wander off to the deep...

It has been a while
Since you walked me that mile
Holding my father's hand
As I play on the slide
And gallop and glide
He keeps his watch from the stand

It has been so late
By strange ways of fate
Since you sent me that 'sorry' note
That my friend used to write
After the fight --
So I prized whatever she wrote

It has only been a while
A furlong or a mile?
Since you and I moved away
Do remember to knock
Once in a while on my block
Waiting for you to drop by some day!


Shalmalee.... said...

Beautifully written KG, and what inspired you to write this?

Kayjee said...

thanks bbni, nothing in particular - just sitting idle last weekend penning down some random jottings...