Monday, November 22, 2010

The Singing Bird

a ballad...

[My first ballad. Some of you may have read parts of this poem, I happen to have composed some parts of it long ago and stack away, while some parts are shared on this blog as separate poems. But in its entirity this is how it reads]

Once upon a time, long long ago,
The princess met a prince.
It seemed just right, a perfect start,
And my ballad began since.

They talked their hearts out into the night
And sometimes early morn,
And in this way sometime down,
Somewhere a wish was born.

Chatter chatter, all day long,
'Bout drop dead gorgeous looks,
Cuisines, curries, life and stories,
Art and about the books.

[She sang]

“My heart does a somersault,
And skips a beat or two,
And quickly hides behind my eyes
The moment they see you.

My eyes pop up in joy and glee
Gladness they can't contain,
They make my head twitch a bit,
And send signals to the brain.

The brain sends the signal back-
To a flushed face in a while
And transforms to two blushing ears
and a sheepish and shy smile.

The smile then takes the golden form
Of Cupid's little dart
I hope they will be aimed next time
Straight into your heart!”

Then opened the chapters of life,
Of priorities and of past,
The witch, the smoke, the other things,
The props, the play, the cast.

The prince was fake, he turned a beast
And locked her in the pit
Lashed her down to the dungeon floor
And did not care a bit

Now she thought - as she sat,
On the cold damp prison floor,
How she wished for the breeze on her face,
Her world beyond that door.

[She cried]

“I cry alone in my dungeon cell
All my strength plummets down
My cry gets lost in the dingy walls
Mossy, dull and brown

I wish I could escape from here
Into my world beyond
I wish I could lie again
On the green grass by the pond

Where the lotus bloom would call my name
And wait for my loving touch
The singing bird has stopped its song
The pain is just so much

I cry my heart out, bang the door
Hoping the lock gives way
I hope for it to open soon
I pray to be free all day”

She dreamt of a knight that early morn,
He stared on, standing there
He stopped by the door, he touched a chord,
And vanished into thin air!

The more she thought, the wiser she got,
And wondered ever since,
How many frogs does the princess kiss
Before she finds her prince?

As years went by, she lost her hope
She lay on the floor quite still
She could not see the prince of her dreams
On his horseback by the hill

He came charging in through the woods
To break walls, he did dare
While she lay quite still on the dungeon floor
Lifeless and unaware

He stood there waiting by the door
In summer’s scalding heat
He stooped a little and touched her hair
And swept her by her feet

He mounted himself on the horse
And perched her by his side
He patted the horse on its back
And prepared for the ride

When she woke up the next dawn
Or a morning years away
She found him standing by her side
On an island’s muddy bay

Rainbow shores of the far away land
Where myriad flowers grew
The grass was green and lotus bloomed
In the warmth of a love she knew

Stranded there for the rest of their lives
Where beasts can never know
She found herself at last in love
A love that could only grow


Shalmalee.... said...

Goose-bumps :))
I can feel it through and through!
I have no fancy comment for this composition. Its beautifully written!

RGB said...

Lovely ballad. And they lived happily ever after!

Jyothi said...

It cannot be true...

Ankur said...

Amazing..enjoyed every line!! Please keep adding more to it!

Kayjee said...

Thanks Shalmalee, RGB and Jyothi. @RGB - yes I like happily ever afters
@Ankur - that's a great idea, to keep adding more, thanks!!