Saturday, April 10, 2010

a reminder

Sunny saturdays are so rare in this part of the world, that as soon as we woke up today, we knew we had to head out to make most of the gorgeous day. So we rushed through the breakfast, packed some lunch and water, grabbed our camera and stepped out. On our way though we had to drop off the garbage at the recycling plant. As we took the right turn towards the plant, we could see the blue water front of the North Sea, glistening in the sun. Sea gulls swooped down the rocky edges of the coast, and once the car's engine stopped, we could hear the sea waves, the wind and the birds. Once we had dumped the plastic, metal, paper and household waste in their respective designated areas, we continued on our route. We passed through herds of sheep and Shetland ponies in twos and threes grazing in the open farmlands. The road winded through the landscape and we soaked in the views of the lochs and beaches and boats and trawlers.
We wayfared through the sandy tombolo and ran up the farm at St. Ninian's island to catch the breathtaking view. We debated over whether it was an arctic skua we saw, peeped through some rabbit holes, wandered aimlessly with the sheep, wondering from where the bottle came and does it have a message inside. On our way back we stopped at the grocery to pick up some milk - at a distance we could see the harbour seals, lying on the rocks. Being so close to nature has become such a part and parcel of our daily lives here in Shetland, that we often take it for granted. In a few months we may just vanish into the London Underground - but sunny saturdays like today will always remind me of the paradise we called home for some time in our lives.