Monday, April 05, 2010

hope and the herb garden

After much of coaxing and making believe that one can have a herb garden on the windowsill, even in such harsh weather up north - we sowed the seeds in the pot. As soon as I had done so, I was expecting to see tiny seedlings. All the other plants that we had planted that weekend are lush green, a number of tiny seedlings are peeking out of the soil in the flower pots. But my herbs wouldn't appear. I would plead to the seeds while watering them, to grow fast, but of no avail. There hadn't been a place in the house that has trapped sunlight and I haven't placed the pot in. But it seemed till yesterday that nothing would budge. I can now see 2 heads of chives from where I stand! No signs of the coriander, basil and mint yet, but there is definitely hope.


Shalmalee.... said...

"I would plead to the seeds while watering them, to grow fast" thats cute :))

Hope to see the picture soon :))

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! Yes... hope springs eternal. Please put up the pics too.

Unfortunately... in Blr... with all the heat, dust and water woes compounded by the fact that the rains have been elusive... our terrace garden is in a sad state. Sob!