Thursday, October 08, 2009

To nature

O autumn leaf, teach me grace,
The beauty with which you fall
And become my heart's delight.
O floating clouds, fall as rain
In my tender garden, and rise again
To shade me from the scorching sun.
O mountain brook, let me flow
In your crystal spring, fluid
Manoeuvre of the rocks.
O silent trees, make me strong,
Like your resilient stature
Year after year after year.
O ancient woods, assimilate me
Into your depths, where mother
Earth blessed your soil.
O endless sea, allow me
To add a worthwhile drop
In your ocean of waves.
O lovely butterfly, lend me
Your wings, bright blue and yellow
against the grey concrete wall.
O powerful wind - give me your
strength, to endure your storms
And flow as gentle breeze.
In my ever widening quest
For the moondust and more
O Space, grant me such audacities!


n said...

loved it!

A S said...


i loved it!
keep writing :)

you can also get them published

PS: this is a genuine compliment :)