Thursday, October 08, 2009

The shoe shiner boy

The shoe shiner boy at the railway crossing -
Is he happy, is he sad,
Is he tortured, is he mad?
He stoops down and in constant motion,
Keeps rubbing those shoes worn by my dad -
Almost worn out now;
What is he thinking?
What is he concentrating on?
Don't tell me, he is just thinking
About shining those shoes.
While his face is hid in his own shadow,
I can see his intense hands,
Polishing, rubbing, polishing, rubbing,
The other shoe now,
Polishing, rubbing.
'It's done Sir, see how shiny it looks'
'Yes my dear boy, here's your fiver,
And an extra coin - be happy!'
No smile on my face or the smiley on my tote bag
can replace the shine of the smile
Of the shoe-shiner lad!


n said...

liked this one too!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Only a generous person like you can observe a shoe shiner so keenly.