Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a taste of Spain

I am a big fan of Spanish food - especially Tapas. So while in Aberdeen, my husband and I tried out La Tasca on Union street. We collected a leaflet of the menu while we stopped by to book a table for the evening. The leaflet advice for newcomers to Tapas was to order 7-8 dishes between a couple - what a great way to sample the varied taste of the platter and share at the same time. The portion sizes are small, the tastes are simple, yet flavourful and refreshing. And to my critical cookaholic's taste-buds, they are easily reconstructible. Fried potatoes with tomato salsa - well how difficult can that be? And serving them up in ethnic vessels to guests seated in wooden benches in a room of exposed brick and stone with dimmed lights (may be hurricane lanterns) does create the feel and essence of age-old and time-tested community sharing through food. Berenjenas fritas was a favourite among both of us, and they were a taste of begun bhaja and of home, only to replace the wafting smell of mustard oil of Bengal by a sharp bite of gorgonzola cheese from Spain! (And interestingly enough the literal translation of both are fried aubergines!) Three hours just passed by, eating, drinking, talking about everything under the sun, mouthfuls of dessert. No roses, no chocolates, yet a perfect dinner date...an evening well spent - and to remember long afterwards...

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