Wednesday, September 02, 2009

States and statuses

Status updates are a wonderful way to keep track of of my utterances and -isms. Reading my status updates, you may have gathered that I am a big fan of them! Often lost, sometimes restless and seldom resolute, I define them as:
Lost: Where time doesn't matter and who knows where the mind is?
Restless: Where time stands still and the mind is fleet...
Resolute: where time is priceless and the mind is on terra firma
And then there is statusmessagelessness!

A few of my recent -isms are here:

Cooking is like maths, it has formulas, proportions, permutations and combinations, it needs patience, experience, practice to master and the outcome, if done right, is very satisfying.
[or music for that matter]
(This one was first conceptualized on 17 Aug, 2009, en-chat with GC, restructured later on 27th Aug by self - it has a long chain of interesting comments on FB)

It is uplifting to stumble upon a gem once in a while in piles of usual rubbish.

Twitter - a stochastic '140-character-self' update

I often hear myself saying that I hate transitions, what I need to remember is that today is always going to be a transition from yesterday to tomorrow.

Time always stands still but only in a photograph..
(In response to M's comment on my photoblog)

Yesterday's retaliation:
Meet me as no stranger dear friend:
For I taught you to flap those wings so today you may fly:
When you scale the mountains and reach beyond the sky
I will still be waving at you
Albeit from a distance then, from behind all that loud cheering crowd.
Tomorrow in your moment of glory
Do recognize me if I pass by..
(In response to SG's poem on FB)

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