Saturday, August 08, 2009

What is on my mindless mind?

Another collection of Kattykallyisms:

To complicate is simple, simplifying can be complex.

Rhyme with extreme caution or you will end up regretting it!

Why are all problems in font size 48 and their solutions in fine prints?

...we are the seekers of our own Quidditch teams, only our snitches are not all the same...

I tweak the likelihood using apriori information,
And voila springs out the posterior distribution.

I shall never forget the path I took, in my moment of glory.

Is the blog mightier than the pen yet?

I hate equations that do not have close form solutions.

1 comment:

Shalmalee.... said...

Loved the font size 48 :)
and yes, "your" blog is not mightier than "your" pen. The reason i am syaing this is, i have got a couple of books from devashish which he turned over to mandy before leaving. "Abol Tabol" was one of those...i read the heading and went ahead looking for your name somewhere in there...i found a green post-it, "Welcome to the world of non sense". the handwriting reflects "Kaygee" :)))