Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memories, nevertheless...

I heard the news of a friend passing away this morning. I don't know what to say, Just that...

Life's journey has come to an abrupt end.
All the prayers and sympathies of the world are not enough,
To console those whom you leave behind.
They had dreamt of your bright future,
But today their dreams for you are just memories.
Like the pages of an album they are clutching to
With all their willpower and might
Knowing that a new picture shall never be entered again
Like the palmful of sand
The more they clutch the more it slips.
And when acceptance comes, they are distraught with grief.
That is a harsh reality today.
But their yesterday was glorious.
Now I see those flashes of images...
The recess time and school bells chime,
the red checked skirt, the playground dirt
The gargantuan laughter of giggling girls
The pranks, the jokes, and tango twirls
Gossips, tea and late night outs
The party fits and shopping bouts
The heart to heart on a gloomy day
Friendly chat on an overnight stay
The flashes of images to remember you by
I see your serene smile as I close my eyes,
You are no more, but our friendship never dies...
I fall back on the memories -
of a time bygone, but well spent.
Alas, memories nevertheless!

You will be missed.