Monday, July 06, 2009

Let it shine

Why do you care what they think,
when you care 'bout it in vain?
Why do you worry what will become
when you can't ease them of their pain?
Why do you cry and want for more,
when less is enough to sustain?

Why do you kill in name of God,
Then stand for human right?
You lurk stealthily in the dark,
Then rejoice in broad daylight!
You shot your brother at his heart
While you were busy winning the fight.

The slogan 'green' is washed away
In climate's changing coast
The world's at war in name of peace,
Bloodshed in every post
It's soldiers few and far between,
Lost in glorious boast.

While you wait for the awakening,
You shout, scream, mourn and whine,
You fear to take a step foward,
Lest you tread and explode the mine,
Time you face the harshest truth,
High time you let it shine!

Pardon the abrupt ending, that was meant to be.

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