Thursday, July 16, 2009

11 Years and a few drops of felix felicis.

Yes, it has truly been that long since I first stepped out of the comforts of "home" in a small coal town of Dhanbad to face the "big, bad world" out there.

When I was homesick coming out all those years ago, my father had once said - "think of the entire world as your home". That helped.

And fortunately the world hasn't been that big and bad, after all. On the contrary, I have come across some amazing people, failed and excelled, learnt to be self reliant and independent, followed my dreams, travelled to a few places, made great friendships, broken more than a few rules, expressed my opinion, started a few endeavours, achieved a few degrees, fallen in love, been reunited with old friends, written to my heart's content, run a marathon, worked for charity, among other things...Though the bad has been intense, the good has been lasting. Though some times have been trying, I have emerged stronger. The positive overshadows the negative.

It is amazing how ordinary things have the power to make life extraordinary and worthwhile! Or have I been plain lucky? Hope that streak in me continues...

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