Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stranded in an island!

Of docks and wicks and muddy bays,
Of gorgeous summers and lengthy days.
Of crofts and brochs and peerie towns,
Of Shetland ponies and fiddle sounds.

Of wet and cold and frosty gales,
Of tranquil coastal walking trails.
Of puffin nests and seagulls soar,
Of elusive otters and seals ashore.

Of fishing trawlers and ferrying ships,
Of fried haddock and tattie chips.
Of Shetland fudges among other things,
Stranded in the island and what it brings!

For the readers not familiar to this part of the world, here are some notes:
The name of 'Lerwick', the capital of Shetland is derived from an old Norse word for muddy bay. Shetland has a rich Nordic and Viking history testifying 5000 years. Several words (wick = bay, croft = farm, peerie = small, tattie = potato) are very typical of the islands as is fiddle music. The islands are rich haven for wildlife and puffins, seagulls, otters and seals are just some of them. Fishing as an industry is booming here as the seas are brimming with life. The Shetland ponies are famous all over the world. Fish and chips remain as popular as in rest of Britain.

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