Monday, May 25, 2009

The island of Mousa

Mousa circular walk
Distance: 3km
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3hours
Height Gain: 20m
Area Of Shetland: South Mainland
Starting Point: HU 455 244
End Point: HU 455 244
Map: OS Explorer 466: Shetland – Lerwick, Sumburgh and Fair Isle

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Shetland. So we packed our rugsacks and headed to Mousa. A boat dropped us at the sound of this uninhabited island to collect us 3 hours later. The trail started at a shingle beach, along the coastline. A kilometer later we reached the broch of Mousa. Standing since Iron Age, this structure of assembled stones is now a home to thousands of storm pestrels.

From here, we went a bit astray, exploring the nooks and coves a bit. We snacked sitting on a rock, staring at seagulls gliding below and the glistening blue sea.
The rest of the trail was along lochs and coast, every turn opening a surprise view of the coast. It was a lovely walk amidst farms and ruins, rocks and creeks in an island that bears a stamp of both tide and time.

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