Thursday, August 21, 2008

I quote myself...

It all started with the two burning candles on a mid summer night. A decade later, it deserves to be published. Here are some 'kattykallisms' that happened over time, some adapted, some realized, some with stories behind them - All stacked in the corners of my journal.


The best of ones creativity is surfaced in times of crisis.

Reasons can be numerous, but the heart has its reasons which reasons do not understand...

Noise is contaminated music.

Words that are meaningless have more potential for expression.

Yes I do remember that I have met you. It is just the 'where' and the 'when' that I don't remember. And I don't recall your name or face. Is that a problem?

Lack of meaning can be handled, it is incoherence that poses the challenge.

So, I have an idea: an idea that begets inspiration, inspiration that makes miracles happen, miracles that create awe, awe that nurtures reverence, reverence that forms convictions, convictions followed by faith, faith that endures… and, an idea is born!

I want to capture the sound of falling leaves...

One should stop running in circles and reach spiralling inwards and upwards instead.

Daydreaming is not an option. Wishful thinking is.

No I didn't like the concert and I wasn't clapping. When the concert began, my hands were so bored with the performance they started talking among themselves. Now my left hand said something offensive, so my right hand gave it a smack at the palm. So the left hand slapped back, just in time when the audience started clapping.

I do not agree when people say "whatever happens is for good". If that was indeed the case, there would be nothing bad and hence no theory of relativity.

A dream often touches an inmost chord, the chord will break, it's the dream that stays!

I would describe myself as a self-invited talker of sorts.

Every leaf on the tree, every drop in the ocean, every star on a clear night sky, has a story to tell, a song to sing, a life to touch!

I realized my eternal journey a little while ago...

People, who often tell me I am a deep thinker, think too deeply about what I say.

Good times fly on rosy wings, tough times refuse to budge.

Life is like an antique showcase, a delight in itself that often goes unnoticed by what it displays...

I envy that shoe-shiner boy living near the railway crossing. He has the most carefree smile of all.

I don't dance not because I can't dance to save my life, but because I don't want the others' life in jeopardy.

Have you ever come across a paradox,
like a oneliner in two lines?

Most intelligent people are left handed. All others are exceptions.

I feel absolute nothingness and that qualifies as an emotion.

Never mind forgetfulness...what was I saying?

The universe is the penultimate optimization process.

Is crossing the fine line between the genius and the insane unidirectional?

In the universal scheme of things I am nothing; for all other premises, I am everything.

This is how I get around public speaking and stage fright. More often than not, I pretend to be talking and hope people are just pretending to listen too.

Nonsense drives the sense in me.

Mornings are always the best time of the day. Never does the air feel fresher, and the heart happier.

Now at every crossroad I stop, I wait for a while, I recall, I remember, and find myself asking us that one unanswered question: Will these roads ever cross again?

I believe one is as sorrowful as much one can tolerate, struggles as much as one can endure, and is as happy as much as one's heart can contain. It all comes with practice.

Have you ever concentrated to hear the farthest sound you can? Try it, it's fun.

Never impose your ideas, just speak your mind after honest deliberation and leave the rest to nature.

In my growing up years, I often wondered how to distinguish right from wrong. Thankfully, trial and error never occured to me.

I often try to imagine what would happen if light needed a medium to travel and sound could through vaccum. We would sitting be in a pitch dark earth listening to constant cosmic bangs sound-years away!

Science is universal only as long as the universe is scientific.

The universe may be an example of a point as defined in geometry. It has no length, breadth or height. Only existence.

You know that grief is overwhelming, when one starts finding pleasure in the pain.

Mornings, tulips, meadows, chocolate, and my imagination - these are some of my favourite things.

If you focus on distractions, they cease to remain so.

I have often been ridiculed for being on time, but never by people who came before me.

Nothing is as white as grandma's saree.

Present behaviour is always a reflection of past incidents. The big bang must have been barbaric.

Once a teacher, always a student.

Patience is the only virtue that can be acquired through itself.

Absolute truth freezes at zero Kelvin.

There are signs everywhere settling every doubt if you have the vision to perceive.

When in doubt, don't just rely on your eyesight. Smell is a powerful sense. So is touch.

I could never understand one thing about arranged marriages: Is it a notion you develop about the person that fits, or is it the person that fits around a notion you develop.

The concrete focuses, the abstract inspires.

What I say need not always be sensible. Afterall, a huge part of me is nonsense.

Accio markers, paint the sky in hoovooloo, the super intelligent shade of blue, accio stars, sprinkle! garnish with parsley, serve hot with roasted corn cobs!

When I am happy I imagine, when I am sad I write. When I can do neither, I know I am overwhelmed.

By far, my biggest inspiration is nonsense. The moment I try to make sense out of it, the inspiration is gone.

If I can imagine, half the work is done; the other half is effective communication.

A child I am and a child I'll be, a child to adore, the child in me. In years I shall grow like the old peepal tree, but in my heart of hearts, a child I'll be!

It is as important to remain unflinched by rewards as it is necessary to remain undaunted by hardships.

The advantage of being high on life is that you don't have to deal with hangovers, or so you would think.

Fortune often overshadows perseverance in rewards, not realizing that luck wouldn't exist without the sleepless toil.

I like fish so much that if I were one, I would cook and eat myself.

There are three kinds of people in my life: those who I know, those who I don't, and some conglomerations of atoms.

You only get what you deserve - nothing more, nothing less. But the only catch is that you do so in the long run.

Being busy is not an excuse of not keeping in touch. Rather, it is the other way around.

If statistics is like a bag of tools, which one is the swiss army knife?

Of course I know myself. Atleast something about it. I know for certain that I am not sure if I know myself.

When in doubt, do a survey. Even if you get more confused by the end of it, it is fun.

Chopping vegetables is a great anger reliever. After a heated encounter, try imagining the cabbage as your opponent's head.

I don't document my travels. It is a crime.

Why is our image of God that of such a control freak?

Very few things are more rewarding than time well spent.

They say I am lost. When was I found?

My mom says she eats to live, my dad on the contrary maintains that he lives to eat. So I, being their offspring, figured out quite early on that I eat to live to eat.

I am in a state of "statusmessagelessness" today.

I discover writings that create me. I create writings that discover me.

In a big group you start talking about weather only when there is nothing else left to say. Then you move onto global warming, and all of a sudden everyone has something to say.

Some day I shall paint a poem or compose a picture or write a tune on this snapshot of time, but for now I am just happy!

I travel the world over in search of something, which on returning home I find,
It is the search that keeps me going, and roots at home that bind!

‘My being oscillates between the devil and the divine’, thus spoke human pride.

My kitchen and the culinary part of my brain are my life's hotspots.

My clutter is organized chaos.

My clutter is acceptable until I can't figure out where I am.

Blessings are often disguised as the people you encounter.

The Smurfs are little blue people who live in magic mushrooms. Think about it.

Coherent imagination is more powerful than inconsistent reality. Take the case of Harry Potter.

I am doing nothing not because I have nothing to do but because I have too many things to choose from.

Death is the irony of life and vice versa.

Not all emoticons are created equal.

I have discovered a treasure. Nonsense.

More often than not, most of the worries are created in our minds. So a mindless mind is always desirable.

There is a certain category of people who speak gibberish and think it is the wittiest remark of all. They record it down. They brag about it. They start quoting from their own quotes. See, I told you so!

Kattykallisms © 2008 KATHAKALI GHOSH


@lankr1ta said...

As usual my source of wisdom!

Morning mist, maybe or crimson hue perhaps...whatever, who cares? said...

After you have soared over the mountains, faced your fair share of disappointments, and travelled to the land of the morning mist, you will find yourself home ... though it will not be the same as you left it...