Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An eye for a blog and a blog for an eye?

If you click here and read what is written under the heading "Now that you are here" you will come across this following statement loaded with allytude (and no I did NOT forget to cross the Ts):
Now that you are here
... you do not have to comment... unless you REALLY have something to say, as opposed to wanting to say something...

This statement seems to catch the eye as it is a classic example of layered contradictions which I would like to bring to the kind notice of the writer, the readers of this blog and that and anyone else who has nothing better to do than read this entry. Hence, this blog. Also by blogging here, I will not be violating the writer's wish (who happens to be a dear ol' friend!) and yet be able to say something although I have nothing to say REALLY, but then I WANT to say it NEVERTHELESS.

First of all...I don't understand how am I going to SAY something in a blog as opposed to WRITE something...
Next, how do you REALLY have something to say in a VIRTUAL space? That too, on a space that is called Real Virtuality. It may be real to perception, but it is virtuality nonetheless, as long as it is called so. Don't you agree?
Further, does "do not comment unless.." also rob our right for other forms of speech and expression like praising,posting, sharing a link, linking this website to other websites,etc.?These are things one usually doesn't always really have to say, but may want to - simply because they are relevant.

The writer is one of my favorites and I read her blogs very ardently. But more often than not, after reading them, I usually have nothing to REALLY say, but always have something I REALLY want rather WISH I could say/write. But I shall honor her wishes over mine. Afterall, I have nothing to say, really! Do I?


@lankr1ta said...

1. Since its a virtual space, you could "say" by writing.
2. The space is Virtual, but it is a Reality of sorts, a virtual reality.
3. The blog is a private space, my private space,albeit in a public forum- more contradiction. I am not robbing anyone of heir freedom to write , thus express, merely sparing them the anguish of having more inane comments deleted- you know blogger does allow me to moderate the comments I get there.

Further the intended "intelligent" reader of my blog would have "something to say" usually- not just the urge to engage in verbal( and hence written) diarrhea.( You are of the Intelligentia who reads my blog- incidentally, most people find it an insufferably boring place). So you can mostly "say" what you want to on gtalk- am there always you know.
Also despite its existence in the public domain the blog is my place for my work- created more to help me keep it all in one place, rather than to bring in readers. So again the clause, readers need not feel compelled to write- even if to show they have been there- the site meter records their digital footprint nicely.

So maybe if one delves deeper into reason and intent, maybe the disclaimer is not as contradictory as it seems?

(PS Perhaps in a less busy time I will do a blog post on this, but then again, maybe not.)

@lankr1ta said...

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