Friday, August 29, 2008

Brilliante Weblog 2008!

A Brillante Weblog 2008 Award in the "wit and -isms" category to Mindless Mind, thanks to Allytude...

And with awards come responsibilities of keeping the chain g(r)o(w)ing. So passing the awards to:

A Bong Mom's Cookbook - for keeping household bong cuisine so alive!
Dipthought - for amazing photographs and the travelogues woven around them...
Confused Mind - could have been nominated for just the web link name (no-url-left), but has not been very regular lately - so could have missed a nomination, had it not been for the sole entry of 2008! The previous ones are hilarious too, though!
Chauhan - for the patience. Despite being a start-up blogger, to actually make an effort to blog about days gone by. I am still trying since the last 8 years!
Surili - for the wideness of spectrum of blog topics.
Hsayit - for speaking her mind.
Soul - for documenting even the most mundane feelings with passion.

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