Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I finally went to Morgantown!

Memorial day weekend came and went and so did the trip. I had been waiting for this trip for sometime now. In fact, even before we came to this country, S and I had planned for this reunion, only the venue was unknown....till a month ago when we decided, enough is enough! We got to meet now. That's how it happened and I travelled to WV.

S had asked me to get an umbrella and a jacket, cuz it could rain and could be really cold, so I packed an umbrella and a wind-cheater (just-in-case), a jacket and did not take my sunglasses ... well, it never rained an iota, it was rather sunny and sometimes hot! A beautiful weekend nevertheless for outdoors.

Day 1 We visited Cooper's Rock State Park, by a river called Cheat Lake(!) River (It was about 30 minutes drive from M'town). We reached the park, after spotting a deer or two, a lake - yes Cheat lake, and a few million-dollar-mansions. We jumped onto wierdly placed rocks to pose for pictures (can it qualify as 'hiking'?), had barbeque flavored corn chips and diet coke by the overlook (a picnic), walked a small trail and headed back to the city.
Wait, day one is still not over! Anyways the sun goes down at 7 PM there in summers and there is daylight till 9 - so we watched Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones back to back (my jinx of watching a movie in the theatre thus broken), with a lunch break in between (honey chicken). Then we finally returned home, chatting away to glory all the while.

Day 2 After a walk around the WVU campus and downtown, we took the bus to Prickett fort. I had a huge stone structure in mind for a fort, when we reached the site, it seemed like a small wooden structure. Well, welcome to America. It was the site of a fort used to protect local families from native attacks. This structure was reconstructed to mark the actual fort's site. What was interesting though was that people had dressed up in the 18th century costumes and were demonstrating household chores like spinning, weaving, pottery so that the tourists get an idea. There even was a "native" shooter, who demonstated how the rifles were fired. The gallery even staged a wigwam!

It was an ideal break. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Bread, butter, jam, eggs and a fruit reminded us of the Meghdoot/PGW breakfast. (Shaa...rdaa....! she did not make me tea even once!) Yes, catching up, reminiscing and remembering gud ol' days was fun. Overall, a perfect way for me to spend a long weekend!

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