Friday, September 14, 2007


I am happy today...

It is just another day - started with the same old chores- the same breakfast with honey bunches of oats - the same drive to work - but there is something about today...

As I was driving to work, I was for a moment mesmerised by the beauty around me. It was drizzling and as I was driving down Columbiana Road there was a new freshness in the air around. The roads here are slightly curved and they go up and down the hillocks that make up the terrain of this charming city of Birmingham where I stay. Fall is setting in slowly, leaf by the next leaf going orange, red and golden. It is cool outside and nature seems to snuggle itself in a sheet of mist. The soft drizzle was falling on the windscreen as if trying to get in moments before being wiped away by the wiper...I wished I could soak myself in the rain. I decided to soak myself to the beauty of nature instead. The 'winding' journey that followed was one of the most wonderful 15 minutes of my life. Not a care in the world, no hurry to get somewhere since I was well on schedule, and Kishore Kumar adding to the zing with his 'चला जाता हूँ किसी कि धुन में' from the cd player. It is strange how the same path looks so different everytime you cross it!

Some day I shall paint a poem or compose a picture or write a tune on this snapshot of time, but for now I am just happy! Then again, who wouldn't be?

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