Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter and us

Remembering my time with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Zany, Spotty and Ratty!

It has been 10 years since JKR came out with the first book of this oh-so-famous extra-ordinary seven part series in 1997, but it was not until 2001 that I lay my hands on any। Though I like reading, I will not call myself an avid reader - so I once walked into a friend's room who was a co-inhabitant in our campus residence (no it was not a castle and no it did not have secret passageways), and she had read this book and she started talking about it, I had no idea who or what harry potter was and now I think she was not a muggle (I later came to know she was not), because she enchanted my mind that day, and I finished the four books that had been published by then over a span of the next two weeks and I had nothing to do but wait for the next book.

By then at least 4 of us had given into the enchantment charm of She-who-MUST-be-read, so we created an order and started calling ourselves by our witch nicknames. There was a Ratty amongst us, but she was not anything like Pettigrew and more that I think of it, I can compare her to Hermione. I was called Kattykally as a transformed sound-alike of an already uncommon muggle name. Then there was Zany and Spotty. I had a blue thick night-gown, which had to suffice for a robe. And then we were set on our different 'adventures'. No we did not do a lot of magic because in the light of the day we were serious muggle students of law, computer science, management and statistics, but by the night, we would go about casting our spells and charms along the corridors of block one and block two. In the 'Great Hall' our 'Griffindor table' would be the noisiest and although we would be laughing and giggling, the others were mesmerized and some petrified by the shrill noise. So maybe we did sound like a bunch of merpeople out of water!

I cannot help but draw a few comparisons here: best of friends, away from home, going back home for vacations, favourite hangout places, after dark rules of the dorm, rules that are always broken, 'conspiracies' (for the lack of a milder word) amongst the fellow students, thank God we did not have our share of evil! And I can go on and on...the shops adjacent was like Hogmeade, we might have had a platform 9 3/4 in near-by railway station, we even had a group of ever complaining Malfoys. I am sure this must have been the story of any boarding school or hostel dweller, JKR seems to have touched the very core of youths.

However to continue with my personal story, two of us left the place we called home in 2003 and two of us stayed on for another year. The 'Order' dissolved as it was more for fun than for combating the Dark Lord. Then there were three more books, I kept up with Harry's whereabouts, as I had already fallen in love with the character. Then thanks to Warner Bros. we had the movies. They all to the greater or lesser degree kept reminding me of the books, memories associated with them and my friends.

Book 7 was really great! I enjoyed it thoroughly, As I finished the 7th book yesterday and was pondering over the epilogue, a strange yet familiar emotion struck me - in these 10 years, we have moved along with harry potter's saga, and we have also moved on in our individual lives. We, the foursome, are in different parts of the world today, pursuing our dreams, in the muggle world. But we shall always treasure the magic that brought us together, the magic that followed - the magic that we found in Harry Potter and in ourselves, the magic that has touched so many hearts. The magic that we realized we are capable of creating!

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Alankrita said...

and now it remains for us to pass on the magic, or relive it slowly, soaking it in like the winter sunshine and a lazy daydream....

Spotty Ally!!!