Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Triumphs and Tribulations

The Devil.
Those evil spots in her mind
Like well bred worms
Are feeding on her thoughts,
Wriggling in and out of her head
They make her jealous, restless, sad.
On a gloomy day, they shut out the light
They thrive on anger and multiply.

The Human.
The fragrant sighs from her heart
They fight for her rights,
They believe in her dreams,
She closes her eyes and smiles
She laughs often to feel the hatred
She cries out the tears of love
They hope, pray for light and sustain.

The Divine
That bright light from her soul
It lights up the darkest dark,
It blesses all her prayers,
With kindness, peace and joy
Her refuge lies in faith,
She seeks her solace and finds:
It inspires, illuminates and glorifies.

‘My being oscillates
Between the devil and the divine
Thus spoke human pride!

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