Monday, September 05, 2005

Evening Glory

A few years ago...
On one such evening,
When the afternoon sun had given way to the dusk,
When the world (or atleast the world around me)
Was full of twitters from the birds and the crickets' chorus
I was lost, immersed in a pool of distant laughter
Chuckling - half walking half running half soaked in rain
Giggling with a group of girls, fighting with a gang of guys.
Then and now I would start of on my own,
For a walk along the twisted trail.
Here and there I would stop and gaze
At the bright yellow wildflower smile.
I would tinker with those stones and marbles
The sound striking like music to the ears
Ah! the smell of unripe mangoes fresh from the trees
And their tangy taste with a pinch of salt.
The unruly garden by the temple ruins
And the eerie silence of the uphill path
Then as night would set in
It would bring those numerous stars
And the numerous unsolved mysteries in its stride
Till Sleep would spread its wings over tiny droopy eyes

On one such evening...
Sitting on the seventh floor, the seventh heaven
I miss those simple pleasures from the simpler life.

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