Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You never really stop living!

Life moves on,you never stop living.
Whatever stumbling blocks you face
You somehow muster the courage to survive it
And overcome it.

When you part with someone you love,
For a moment you falter
Wondering how you are going to live
But life moves on, you never stop living.

It is in trials and tribulations
That you master the skill to survive;
It is those hours of crisis
That provide the strength to thrive.

In relationships you tend to depend.
And when you go your separate ways.
In memories is your refuge
You recall the moment together spent.

You cry, you wish you could go back...
In that long lost time
You try to hold onto something
That is never going to return.

The harder you clutch, the more it slips,
Like a fistful of sand.
You feel your whole existence is futile
But life moves on, you never stop living!

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