Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Wheel of life

Round about the wheel of life
Offering in its own accord:
Certain values immortalized,
Certain dreams touched inmost chord.

‘Let it go’,the grey haired spake.
‘Hold it on’,said inner voice.
Dilemma did one ever solve?
The confused mind has no choice!

Offer did the wheel of life,
Misty morns and dreamy days;
One full turn, the day is done,
The night is here and the dream that stays.

The wheel of life is spinning fast
Chords entangled: sheer turmoil.
Wick has burnt, the dying flame...
The burning lamp ran out of oil.

‘The wheel of life?’, the Great One said.
‘E’er seen the centre of the wheel?
Focused, untouched by storms around.
The iron grit, the heart of steel!’

Offer did the wheel of life,
Tangled chords and dreamy days.
The dream that touched the inmost chord,
The chord that broke, the dream that stays!

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