Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This way...

Overwhelmed with joy, with pride,
With both, with nothing!
like the lull after a storm...
The battle is won - half won.
The journey has just begun,
So you shall be the "chosen one".
As you prepare for a Great test-of patience, of penance!

That which is not meant to be vanishes,
That which is lingers..
That which is expected will happen,
But at unexpected time.
That which is momentary fizzles out,
That which is eternal survives,
That which is destined predetermines the way,
That which is the best waits!

So arise and prepare for the dawn,
The night is half overcome.
The pathfinding stars are on their way
To shower the glitters of glory
Onto the chosen one!
Life has made its call - come this way...
It's time you do!

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