Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Start with a Dream

Wasn't there a hurdle once somewhere
Which vanished because you didn't let go?
Time tests your patience and your grit,
And you win because you never say 'no'!

Gloom did once invade your skies,
Yet you believed in the bright sunbeam;
Crippled was your luck those days,
Yet you won because you dared to dream!

Dream once more, let your will not fail-
That one day will fetch you heights,
That one day will endure your faith,
Reward your toil of these sleepless nights!

The goal on your mind, the soul in your work,
That is your essence, do not forget.
Undaunted by the hardships you face,
Unflinched by the rewards you get!

Start with a dream, walk with an aim,
strive hard with your heart and soul;
Keep up your faith despite the odds,
And take one step towards your goal!


@lankr1ta said...

hang on there
Its a weary way.
Loved it LBK.
loved it.

milieu said...

You are beginning to become my favourite poet! Great will keep on checking here. Infact am linking your blog from my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Kayjee said...

thanks, I know its not that great but I too like it sometimes :)