Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An Ode: To a friend

I knew ...
That the world is a beautiful place to live in...
That there is a promise in every struggle of life,
That there is more than warmth in the morning sunshine,
That there is more to life than I, me, myself,
I knew...
That good friends are not easy to make,
But once made, they hold the promises and possibilities of a lifetime.
I knew that a smile may brighten my day,
But along with it, it also brightens the days of many others.
And that is all that matters.
I knew this and many other little things in life
Until the day I met you
That is the day I started believing in what I knew!

I knew...
Of a certain happiness you experience,
In gazing at the sunrise and the feeling the cool evening breeze.
I knew that winter months won’t last long.
Spring would eventually spread its wings,
And paint everything around in greens and reds and blues and lilacs
I knew...
That every leaf on the tree,
Every drop in the ocean,
Every star on a clear night sky,
Has a story to tell,
a song to sing,
A life to touch!
I knew...
That expectations may not always be met;
But that doesn’t stop a heart to dream.
That grief can sometimes be so overwhelming
That one finds pleasure in the pain...
That life doesn’t stop for anything or anyone,
But your soul just refuses to live...
That sometimes some things happen which should not have...
But once they do,
They are the most wonderful things that could have happened to you!
I knew this and much more...
Until the day I found you.
That is the day I started keeping faith in what I knew!

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