Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A matter in time

The Past...

I have an idea:
It started with one
It took me round the space and time
And the embodiment that is you
I realized my eternal journey a little while ago…
In this mundane life
The idea diminished into hope
And further to expectations
Where expectation was fuelled by imagination
And the mind began to weave dreams!
Mere dreams: lousy and unimportant!
Yet they sustained me through those rough times…
And arranged themselves
Into a sequential dance
And when the sequence broke…the music stopped,
An idea emerged.

The Present…

So, I have an idea:
I toy with it for a while,
One of those artefacts in the museum
Where you pick one
And test it for its genuineness,
Or, you test your own worth instead?
In our selfish interests,
We forget ourselves sometimes…
In our pursuit for the goal,
We neglect our soul’s plea.
But when the idea prevails,
I know for sure
That, my direction is predetermined.
That I have been given this toy
To play with for a while,
And to move on…
Not knowing whether I possess the toy,
But cautious like a child
Not to let it slip by either!

So, I have an idea:
An idea that begets Inspiration,
Inspiration that makes Miracles happen,
Miracles that create Awe,
Awe that nurtures Reverence,
Reverence that forms Convictions,
Convictions followed by Faith,
Faith that endures…
And, an idea is born!

And, as they say,
That an idea can change lives.
Will it, your and mine?
I have an idea
That I will take care of your world
In due course of time
With all that I have.
And will you in the meantime…
Take care of me?

The future begins…

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