Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Man and Woman

Man and Woman: the cacophony

There she was sitting by the lake,
Alone but not so lonely.
For, the fleeting thoughts
Poured in and out unendingly.
The world was quiet and still for a moment,
Or an hour, who knows?
Time stood still
The rustle, the ripple, the slow dance of the leaves
Perturbed by the aimless breeze
All music accompanying her
In her journey within.

And there he was,
Standing by the arch-window,
Taking a break between two important meetings.
He ... was a leader of sorts.
A self made made man, of principles,
And values he could not trade,
With anything else in this world.
This place...his world was quite a hustle!
And often, the tune broke into an inexplicable noise
Time was running by,
He had to move along with the tide,
And a strange unknown force
Directed him to move ahead of it too!
For a search of something.

And it appeared to the world as if:
She had found it...
That which he was looking for!

Man and Woman: the harmony

There I was sitting by the lake
Alone but not so lonely
For there you were
Standing by the arch-window,
Taking a break between two important meetings.
When time stood still
For a moment,
Or an hour - who knows?
You looked this way and looked away
Indifferent yet not unconcerned.
The rustle, the ripple, that followed
Like the slow dance of the leaves
Perturbed by the aimless breeze.
You were a leader of sorts
I followed...
You were a man of principles, of values
A man I could trade for no one else in this world.
My world was quiet and still,
But thoughts inside were so much of a hustle.
Your world was quite a hustle
And as calm as your serene smile!
A strange force directed us towards each other...
And as our two separate worlds met
We set for the search...together.
In perfect harmony..
All music accompanying us, you and me
In our journey within...forever.


gump, very gump said...

that was nice...i could relate to it

i hope i could be at harmony with the woman i get in life...

varun said...

It seems very incomplete as if deliberately brought to an abrupt end!

@lankr1ta said...

"it could have happened once only.. but now its lost, gone forever..."

Kayjee said...

may all ur wishes come true
nothing is incomplete nothing is abrupt and it never ends...
@unmoored boat
well well well...well said!

Voice Within said...

beautiful words...shall we wait for more to happen?

Anonymous said...

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milieu said...

Wow! Beautiful words and beautifully expressed thoughts! You write very surely.

piuli said...

I loved da way that u put it.. so simply....touched a chord within me...what synchronisation of thoughts!