Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Inspiration: A tribute to Swamiji

I know I am strong,
I know I can overcome any difficulty,
I know I have the strength to endure.
If I falter I will find in me
The willpower to rise.
If things don't quite go my way,
I know I will muster the courage to face head on
I know it is daring,
But I also know I can,
Long after I think I can't.
I know I am capable,Sensible
With a lot of potential.
I know that my energy channelized
Can fetch heights not less than miracles!
I know that the power lies within me
That in times of weakness
I will find the courage in me
To cross all adversities
With the head held high.
"With the grace of an adult,
Not grief of a child"
I know that if time demands,
I can rise above all occasions,
All obstacles and all estimations
And save the face of the day!

And I know that I need you all along in accomplishing
All that I know I can!

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