Wednesday, April 27, 2005


If I had the power to change my size,
The vast earth would seem so small,
By my wish I would increase and decrease,
I would at once become very tall!

Indeed the tallest person in the world.
And establish a world record;
And then the shortest of all short men,
To just fit in a pea pod!

Then to become tall once more I would wish
So tall..
That my hand reaches the moon with ease,
And Jupiter and Saturn and all….

As Armstrong had footprints on the moon…
I would have my fingerprints on it very soon….
Then I will become shorter and shorter,
Even shorter than a nail!
And enter the human body at once
If surgeons and doctors fail!

Through the nostrils and into the lungs,
The heart and blood vessels,
And become even smaller …
To enter the minute cells.
And look into the chromosomes
Of the nucleus and the genes,
To discover their secret
And outwit Wilkins.

And come out again to regain my old size,
To publish my observations and win the Nobel prize,
And become a genius in my teens,
By discovering facts unknown and unseen!

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