Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At Crossroads

We had somewhat begun our journey together.

It takes me down the memory lane...
Those simple days and simple expectations,
Those sunny morns and sunny smiles.
The need to exist, the will to coexist.
The great possibilities we dreamt of...

Today, it is time to realize those dreams;
I look for you-so that we can plunge into the river of opportunities,
Once again.

I remember the time,
When I had a hundred and one chores,
and you had a hundred and two.
Yet we would find time to talk, to connect, to understand.
And when tired of too many errands,
I’d seek a shoulder to lean on
I’d find you standing at the crossroads.
Making a choice: whether to walk my way and offer your shoulder
Or to move on, that extra mile which will take you
To the pinnacle of success.
And you would decide to take me along with you,
To cover that extra mile.

And then one day our paths diverged.
We decided to move on...
To our two separate worlds,
Very far apart.

Now at every crossroad I stop,
I wait for a while, I recall, I remember,
And find myself asking us
that one unanswered question:
Will our roads ever cross again?

1 comment:

@lankr1ta said...

If you carve the path,
and I carve mine-
so that they once again entwine. Together
we can make our separate fates a common destiny