Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Child

There was once a child in town,
So playful and bright, fun to be 'round.
Yet, when she pouted with her famous frown:
She hid her dreams somewhere deep down.

Have you seen her smile so bright:)
That curve on her lips with hands by her side,
That glint in her eyes:her mother's plight,
The carefree grin after a terrible fight!

She wants this for sure, she wants that too,
She loves her dresses and of course you!
She prizes her dolls old and new,
She plays with all but talks to few.

Never e'er scold her or u're in for trouble,
Soft is she, her dreams are a bubble.
Slight you prick and it goes to the rubble
Smile then vanishes and teardrops double.

Once as a child she dared to dream,
'bout the silver lining and the golden sunbeam,
About the stars, though childish it may seem,
Into my ears those sparkling diamonds scream!

A child I am and a child I'll be,
A child to adore, the child in me.
In years I shall grow like the old peepal tree,
But in my heart of hearts, a child I'll be!

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